I am a qualified and experienced researcher and I would be glad to consider research in any field.

My own training and history is largely in

  • history (mostly South African, political and sporting)
  • urban development
  • publishing
  • business and investment in South Africa
  • business and investment in Africa
  • education
  • the green economy, including renewable energy
  • cricket and cricket history

My credentials in research

My training as a historian and as a journalist has prepared me to do research. I also love it.

I have a BJourn from Rhodes University and a History Honours (first class) from the University of Cape Town.

When the late Kadar Asmal was Minister of Water Affairs, he hired me to sort out his papers in preparation for the writing of his autobiography. I enjoyed the task of categorising this most eclectic collection of papers, from the Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement, through the battles about whether or not to build dams, to the struggle for freedom of the Kurds.

I have at various times assisted other authors with information or searched for items at the archives or in the National Library.

Research for my own books has obviously given me good practice in research skills. Topics include black cricket history, a Cape Town suburb, one of South Africa’s oldest schools, South Africa’s oldest publishing house and a range of business books.(See Publications).

For six years to 2013 I did research on the economies of South Africa’s nine provinces, South Africa, three Nigerian states, Nigeria and Africa. This research was in support of my writing as the author of books which included TradeInvest Nigeria, South African Business, Western Cape Business and Gauteng Companies.

Since 2016 I have been editor-in-chief of Global Africa Network’s nine provincial titles and South African Business.