South african business publications

Annual journals giving up-to-date insights into the economy of each of South Africa’s provinces, between 2008 and 2013. Published by Global Africa Network. Also three South African Business books, the last of which was produced in 2013, all of which were the result of unique research.

Detailed overviews were written of all major economic sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, agriculture and tourism. Where a province has a specific sector, such as automotive (Eastern Cape) or maritime (Western Cape), these were analysed separately and Special Features also focussed on unique projects or events. Examples include the De Hoop Dam (Limpopo), the Square Kilometre Array telescope (Northern Cape) and articles on Sappi (Mpumalanga) and Sasol (Free State). The Premier’s office or the provincial government of each province generally endorsed these publications and they were very well received by provincial investment agencies, advertisers and readers.